Inflatable Hire : 07967 215002
Inflatable Hire : 07967 215002

Dart Quest                age 8+

Our inflatable maze has an 18 room maze trying to tag your opponents with your dart gun. The foam darts are hidden around the arena, so you have to find them before you can shoot someone.
This size of game is unique in Scotland and is ideal for large events, team building, activity days, 

family fun days etc.

The arena measures 35'x35' giving over 1,200 sq ft of playing area. Each game time can be altered to suit your needs, from 2 min to 30 min per game. The game can be played solo (10 max) or in 2 teams of 5. Our staff will stay and operate the game and this is included in the price.

Ultimate Wipeout       age 10+

The newest addittion to our range. Duck & Jump as the sweeper arm rotates and tries to knock you over. This 6 player game can be used as part of a challenge or just for fun.  This unit requires a space of 25'x25'

Rodeo Bull               age 10+

Fun and Games operate a Galaxy Multiride simulator offering a range of themed interchangeable attachments for all types of events.

The ever popular Rodeo Bull bucks and spins in an attempt to throw off it’s rider on to the inflatable bed all under the control of one of our operators. We can supply the inflatable in two sizes ( 16ft and 20ft square ) with the larger version having inflatable cactii to complete the Wild West theme . Our Surf Simulator operates in a similar way to the Rodeo Bull and can be supplied with an inflatable with giant palm trees - extremely popular at beach parties or Hawaiian nights.
In addition to the above attachments we can also offer either Dolly the Sheep, Colin the Camel or Spin the Bottle for other themed events or promotions and can even provide a bit of festive fun with a bucking Rudolph Reindeer

We also now provide an adult attachment for night clubs, stag or hen nights etc. We call it MOBY and its not a Whale, obviously i cant put a picture of it online here but ask and we will email a pic to you.

All of the above are supplied with a trained operator. Please note the simulator has certain power and access requirements so please get in touch for more details.

All riders must now sign a disclaimer stating that they understand the risks of riding and that they WILL fall off!






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